XML Assistant: What is new...

... in Version 2.2? User-defined Icons | Regex Search | Update of program libraries

  • User-defined Icons: You can now define your own icons for display in the XML tree
    (-> XML Assistant Documentation: Use your own icons)
  • Regex-Search The search function allows you to search with regular expressions:
  • Bugfix: Move content with Ctrl+Mouse wheel improved, works regardless of scroll area
  • Bugfix: When deleting nodes, mark the next node in XML
  • Improved: List of templates are displayed with underscore if underscore occurs in file names
  • Download Alternative: Setup is also available, which does not require administrator rights for installation
  • Renaming: Adding template content (context menu) now named with "New" instead of "Template"
  • Update of program libraries: JRE/JDK 19 (modular), JDOM; also XML Helper