Why You Should Use XML Assistant

1. You edit XML as if a special software has been written for your files

The XML Assistant is highly customizable to show many XML data structures very clearly, you even may not notice any more that you are directly editing a XML file.

For editing of text contents you use text fields (or similar controls) that you know from software applications or internet pages.

2. Editing XML becomes easier and less painful

Instead of fighting with hundreds or thousands of code lines, you e.g. simply select the element you want to edit and enter your data.

3. Even people not familiar with XML can work with it

Using the XML Assistant everybody can edit XML files. The data is presented nicely and syntax error are nearly impossible. Protection features even enable you to allow/disallow certain operations on elements of the XML tree.


The XML Assistant is a XML Editor that makes editing of XML files easier.

The main features of the XML Assistant are:

1. Structures XML Data

The XML data is shown in a clear tree structure. The icons used for the several nodes are configurable, the text shown can be changed to match your needs.

Only the relevant information is shown, this helps you to keep the overview over complex data structures.

2. Input Assistance

When using XML Assistant you can add and edit XML data using controls (Text fields, Combo boxes, Check boxes, ...), instead of typing the data into the XML code.

3. Link Between Tree View and XML Code

There is a direct link between the tree view of the XML file and the code. The tree view nodes lead directly to the position in the XML code, changes can be applied to both views.

4. Display Rules

By using display rules the outlook of the XML tree is highly customizable. This makes it easy to handle the XML structure.

Display rules

Complete Description of XML Assistant Features

A complete description of the features of the XML Assistant can be found in the manual: Documentation XML Assistant.

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For Free: XML Helper

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