Installation Instructions

This page describes how Easy XML Editor and XML Assistant are installed.

Information and Links for Download: Download of Java, Easy XML Editor and XML Assistant

Step 1: Installing Java Runtime Environment

In this step download and installation of the Java Runtime Environment is performed. If you know that it is already installed, you can skip this step. If you are unsure, please perform the installation.

  1. Please open the web page Just click the button 'Free Java Download'.

    In the second column 'Installation' you can access installation instructions similar to this text.

    If the text 'You have the recommended Java installed' is displayed, the current Java Runtime Environment is already installed on your computer. Then you can proceed with Step 2: 'Installation of Easy XML Editor'

  2. A list of downloads for the different operating systems is shown. Please choose the download for Microsoft Windows© (Suggested: 'Offline' variant).

  3. Please download and execute the corresponding setup.
  4. The windows installer will be started.

    The Java Runtime Environment version is checked. If the newest version is already installed, the message below is shown. If this is the case you can proceed with step 2.

  5. If the Java Runtime Environment is not installed yet, the setup with the license agreement is shown. It is sufficient to select 'Typical Installation', proceed with 'Accept >'.

  6. You do not need to install the Yahoo Toolbar. Process with 'Next >'

  7. The installation is performed, this may take some minutes.

  8. When you see this page, the installation is finished. You can process with step 2. 'Finish' will close the window.

Step 2: Installation of Easy XML Editor

In this step you install Easy XML Editor. (The installation of XML Assistant is done very similar)

  1. After download please start the setup by double clicking on it.

  2. The Setup-Assistant is shown. Please proceed with 'Next >'.

  3. The licensing agreement is shown. If you agree with it, please activate 'I accept the agreement' and proceed with 'Next >'.

  4. On this page of the wizard you choose the destination directory. You can keep the path suggested and proceed with 'Next >'.

  5. Here you choose, which folder should be created in the Window© start menu. You can keep the defaults and proceed with 'Next >'.

  6. With adjustment of the checkboxes you specify whether icons should be created. You can proceed with 'Next >'.

  7. On this page the options specified are summarized. Clicking on 'Install' will start the installation process.

  8. After copying the files the installation is finished. Close the window using 'Finish'.

The installation is finished, now you can start the Easy XML Editor using the start menu or the desktop icon.

More information on usage of the Easy XML Editors can be found in the manual: Easy XML Editor user manual.